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I’m trying to log in, but it wont work!

Don’t worry, we’ll get you sorted out! Let’s check a few common problems:

Did you use the correct login ID?

Are you sure you didn’t log in using another method? You should use the same method you used when you first signed up for your account. If you signed up using email, you should log in using the same email. If you used Facebook, continue using Facebook. And if you signed up using your mobile number you should log in with the same number.

If you can’t remember your login ID, write to us at with all possible email addresses, mobile numbers and Facebook ID. We’ll help you figure it out.

Are you sure your password is correct?

If you aren’t sure or can’t remember the password of your email login ID, click here┬áto reset your password.

Are you connected to a stable Wi-Fi or cellular network?

If your internet connection isn’t strong enough, you may have trouble logging in. Try connecting to Wi-Fi, or find a location with better cellular service and try again.

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